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Mexican red-knee tarantulas, Brachypelma smithi, are primarily found along the reproductive season, extra silk is present in the burrows of mature females. Hey all, wanted a quick opinion. I have an adult female (presumably) B. smithi - not hamorri. She was sold to me as B. smithi a couple of years.

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By Tejinn - 05:21 › brachypelma-smithi.
By Mazulmaran - 11:03
Brachypelma smithi (Cambridge/), ook wel de "Mexican red-kneed Life expectancy: Females become up to years old. Smaller than adult: Min.
By Kazrataur - 14:10
Brachypelma smithi is a species of spider in the family Theraphosidae (tarantulas​) native to In mature females of B. smithi the baseplate of the spermatheca is divided and subtriangular, rather than elliptical as in B. hamorii; also the ventral.
By Sakora - 22:21
Brachypelma hamorii is a species of tarantula found in Mexico. It has been confused with B. smithi; both have been called Mexican redknee In mature females of B. hamorii, the baseplate of the spermatheca is elliptical, rather than divided.

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